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No matter where you are in the planning process, there is a package for you! We’ve broken up our services into 4 tiers, depending on where you think you will need the most help in the planning process. Some of you got this and don’t need much help, because you can plan a wedding in your sleep! We love to see it! In that case, Phase 4 would be your speed. Others cringe at the thought of having to make decisions and need someone to help them with that process. Phase 1 is gonna be your bestie. Maybe you are in between that and just need a little (okay a lot a little) bit of help. Check out Phase 2 and 3. 

Whichever package you decide on, all packages will include 10 hours of service on the day of the event where TGA will oversee the management of your wedding day, 1 hour of rehearsal management, timeline assistance, access to all of our helpful guides and checklist, and a planning team who cares about you and your partner and who will make sure that your day is as stress-free as possible!


Phase 1



Phase 1 is known as the preplanning phase. Couples who are in the preplanning phase have not booked any vendors - including their venue and caterer. They might have a date in mind for their wedding day and possibly how much they want to spend, but have not made any concrete decisions.

In Phase 1, clients can expect to work with their planner from the beginning stages of wedding planning all the way up to the wedding day (roughly at the 18-12 month mark). We will handle all the heavy lifting from vendor and venue sourcing, overall design of the space, and budget breakdown, so that the clients can sit back and enjoy their engagement season.

Outdoor wedding reception in Hawaii with dark wood chairs and white floral design



Phase 2 is known as the vendor sourcing phase. In this phase couples have figured out when and where they plan to be married, as well as what they plan to eat. Now, they need to figure everything else out. That’s where we come in!

In this phase, we will assist couples in sourcing all of their supplemental vendors - photographers, bartenders, florist, and event rentals. You can expect to begin working with your planner at the 8 month mark. At that point we will act as the main point of contact with all of your vendors.

Phase 2
Wedding Ceremony on Hawaii beach with white chairs and lei's for each guest



Phase 3 is known as the details phase. In this phase, majority of the big wedding planning is done and now is the time to finalize the smaller details like seating charts, buying decor, creating shot lists and floor plans.

Phase 3 begins right around the 3 month mark. At that time, you will turn over all communications to our team and we will assist with any last minute vendors that need to be booked.

Phase 3
Colorful wedding reception tablescape with rainbow sage bundle favors



Phase 4 is what we call home stretch. In this phase, everything has been completed. Your vendors are booked, your RSVP’s are in, and your final payments are all due. This tends to be the most stressful phase, because it is usually where things become very very real.

At Phase 4, we come in 1 month before the wedding day to transfer all communications to our team and let you enjoy the final weeks of engagement season. We come in to execute all the amazing planning that you did!

Phase 4


Small bright colored wedding in garden with peacock chair for head table



Maybe you don’t plan to have as many guests. You want to keep it intimate. We get it! Our minimony package is basically our Phase 1 package on a much smaller scale. We are there from the very beginning all the way to when you say I do. We consider a minimony to be 50 guests or less. Anything above that, we recommend one of our other packages. 

Simple wedding ceremony floral design in Hawaii



The elopement package is for the couples who want to get hitched and get on their married way. In this package, we provide all the necessary tools for the day — a planner, a florist, a photographer, an officiant, and the permits. You just show up, get married, and enjoy the rest of your lives together. We consider elopements to be the couple, us, and up to 5 friends and family



Who will be there on the event day? Our whole TGA team works collaboratively on each event. There will always be one dedicated lead on your event and minimum of 2 assistants.

Do you folks work with budgets? Absolutely! Our motto at TGA is that all couples deserve coordination in some capacity and a client's budget shouldnʻt restrict them from that. Whether we suggest a package that is more inline with your budget and needs, customize a package, consult on an hourly basis, or on our digital platforms, there is something for everyone!

Can you help us find LGBTQ-friendly vendors for our wedding? Yes, we work with a network of vendors who are committed to inclusivity and creating a welcoming environment for all couples. We will work with you to find vendors who share your values and preferences.

What makes your LGBTQ wedding planning services unique? We understand the unique challenges that LGBTQ couples may face when planning their wedding, and we are committed to creating a safe and supportive space for our clients. We also work with a network of LGBTQ-friendly vendors and venues to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and respected throughout the planning process.

Are your services only for same-sex couples? No, we work with all types of LGBTQ couples and allies. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all of our clients.

How do I know which phase/package is best for me? Best way to know which phase you fit into is to book a call with us to discuss all the details about your day. A lot of the time you are further along in the process and really just need a sounding board to process it all out. We are here for that :) We will suggest a package that best suits your needs!

Do you offer payment plans? Heck yes we do! We understand how costly weddings can be and want to make sure that you folks feel supported throughout the process. We are fortunate to offer payment plans for our clients to easily chunk away at the costs!

What if I already have most of my wedding planned? Can I still hire a wedding planner? Yes, even if you have most of your wedding planned, our team can still provide valuable assistance with finalizing details, managing vendors, and ensuring everything runs smoothly on the wedding day.

How far in advance should we book your services? We recommend booking our services as soon as possible to ensure availability, especially for peak wedding season dates. We can work with couples who are planning their wedding on a shorter timeline, but it's always best to book early to avoid disappointment.

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