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Being the detail oriented Virgo I am, it’s important we talk about Wedding Photo List! What is it? Why do I need it? What should go in it? Don’t worry, I’m here to give you a few tips and provide a sample photo list for you to reference! You’ve met with your photographer, asked them your questions, got answers, and decided who is right for you, now it’s time to discuss the photo list.

What is a Wedding Photo List? Some photographers will ask you to provide a list of specific photos you want captured on your wedding day to make sure they don’t miss anything and you’re not disappointed when you receive your photos later on. If you’ve had a vision of your wedding day and really want certain photos taken, this is where it should be noted. Below are seven things to consider when creating your photo list.

1. Go through your entire day and break it down into sections Getting Ready, Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Post-Ceremony/Portraits, Reception. From there, decide if there are specific photos you want taken in each section and *STAR* or BOLD any photos that are absolute must haves

2. Think about the intention and deeper meaning behind parts of your day.

Are there things only you really know and people may not notice, but you want documented? Does your wedding jewelry or accessories hold sentimental value? Does your decor have any special meaning to you or significance to your relationship? Did your sibling or a close friend make something for you that is at your wedding? Are certain dances or traditions you included in the wedding really important; a parent dance, generational dance, tea ceremony, etc.?

3. Sit there with your wedding invite list and make sure you have all of the combinations of people you want photographed with you.

Weddings are important occasions that will be remembered for the rest of your lives and you may want formal photos with everyone closest to you. It’s, typically, easiest if you start with everyone you want photos with and then scale down from there. Your photographer can widdle away people and call out peoples names easier if you have it listed for them. Think big to small, and old to young. We’re trying to make this hectic portion of your wedding day as efficient as possible. Knock out photos with any of your elderly guests first so that they can be dismissed to cocktail hour and relax. After all the family photos are done you can move on to the wedding party and portraits of just you and your other half.

Photo Credit: Dearest Jane Photo

4. Is having a formal photo with certain people important to you or can your photographer take less formal ones at the reception? Do you want more candids with your guests? Or do you want to make sure they go around to each table with you and take photos of you and your guests? All things to consider and note in your photo list and discuss with the photographer. Usually photographers eat when you eat, so if you want them to take photos at each table during dinner service, be sure to tell them.

5. If your partner is not the detail oriented type (assuming you’re reading this because you’re the detail oriented partner like myself), you should still go through the day and the list you have to make sure you didn’t miss anything they also want.

6. Once this list is pau (done), opt to run the list by a close person to you (whose opinion you actually care about) to make sure you didn’t miss any photos they want, too.

7. After you have finalized your list, send it to your photographer for their review and share a copy with someone (responsible) on both yours and your partner's side that knows everyone on the list. That way they can help step in and wrangle people, should your photographer need some assistance. Try to give your photographer some time and send your photo list at least 2 weeks before the wedding.

Photo Credit: Dearest Jane Photo

Hopefully this will help give you a better idea of what this list is, how to make one, and what you should consider as you make it. I trusted my photographer a lot. While family photos were the most important part of the list for me, I trusted her vision and loved her style. I told her as long as the family photos were checked off, I was good and excited to see the way she captured our wedding. She took the time to get to know us, our story, and hear me and my slightly crazy, detail oriented self discuss all of the intricacies of our day. Take it with a grain of salt and consider every wedding is unique and some things may or may not apply to you and your partner. Work together to decide what photos make the list and which are your priorities.

Check out and download our sample Wedding Photo List!

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