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Well it has only taken two years, 14 full pages of reasons why I shouldnʻt, and currently an entire box of graham crackers to get this going, but we are finally here. I am so excited to get our blog up and running!

Photo Credit: Kenzie Kate Photo (left), Megan Moura (right)

For those of you who skipped straight to the blog and have no clue who I am, my name is Zabrina or Zabs, depending on the day and/or severity. I am the owner of The Gay Agenda Collective, a wedding and event planning company that creates beauitful and meaningful events for LGBTQ+ folx and their allies. I have had the pleasure of being a wedding planner for three years now and am currently based on the Island of Oʻahu. In the last three years I have seen my fair share of anything and everything weddings and have practiced a “learn as we go” type of approach to owning a business. As a queer, WOC, kanaka owned business, I also have learned a lot of work around in this industry that doesnʻt always look or represent someone like me.

Photo Credit: Megan Moura

Now, I am fully aware that literally everyone has a blog and why the heck would I decide to take up any more digital real estate (trust me, this was like a top 10 reason to why it's taken me so long). But I really wanted to create a space where I could dive into detail about my events, projects, and thoughts and share it with all of you. As someone who owns an entire bookshelf worth of half written-in journals and has a really hard time throwing things away, I am deeply nostalgic. I hope that when I look back on these entries, it will remind me of where I was, where I am, and where I am going.

Photo Credit: Megan Moura

The second desire of this blog is to be able to feature other voices. I am really excited that we have some amazing writers joining us on this blog to share their input and insight. There is power in story and there is strength in numbers, so being able to give those a platform to share is a huge goal of mine that I know will be highly impactful.

Photo Credit: Kenzie Kate Photo

Lastly, I want to put out content that is helpful and meaningful to you all. Whether you are planning a wedding, looking to own your own business, or want to learn more about pushing The Gay Agenda, my hope is that this space serves you.

Now, not all posts will be up your alley and that's okay. If there is ever a topic you want to hear more about, always feel free to email us at to share your thoughts. New posts will be live every Thursday. Mahalo for your continued support!

Xo, Zabs (how gossip girl of me)

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