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One of our clients reached out to us with the idea for a farmer’s market themed first birthday party. We were so excited with this idea, we ran with it straight to Pinterest to find some inspiration to supplement the family’s vision. The theme seemed to confuse some of their family at first, but came together and everyone loved it!

The family had a few phrases in mind like “Certified Adorable”, “Organic”, “Waialua Grown”, etc. so we hired a calligrapher to do a custom milestone board made for them. The calligrapher (my sister, Chara, who did my wedding) was also able to incorporate some ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language) to really personalize the milestone board. It was a cute and unique piece they displayed, and ended up keeping after the party was over.

Calligraphy: Chara Kreates

Originally, we talked about a balloon arch, but decided against it because it isn’t an eco-friendly option (even “biodegradable” balloons don’t decompose well and pose a hazard for wildlife). Instead we opted to do a fun fabric and tissue paper pom pom arch. Using extra fabric from the table runners we made, we cut strips of fabric and tied them to the arch (available for rent through Wedcyle Hawaiʻi) to create a textured photo backdrop. We then finished the arch off by decorating the top with some large green “cabbage” and “lettuce” pom pom “flowers'' we made. To really tie in the theme we stacked some crates around the sides with some jams, avocados, and even a tiny functional wheelbarrow!

With the remaining tissue paper we made cereal “corn on the cob” favors for the little ones (and for adults like us who still love kids cereal lol). With two different shades of green we cut the tissue paper into smaller rectangles, layered them, and tied them around the bag of cereal to create little corn on the cob bags. The other favors we decided on to keep it kid friendly were goldfish “carrots”! Using goodie bags shaped like triangles, we filled them with goldfish and tied the tops with green curling ribbon, but green fabric ribbon would make for a great option as well. We put these favors out on the tables, in some crates, as well as in some of the wood boxes we have for rent from Wedcycle Hawaiʻi.

The family also made it a point to celebrate with local vendors who supplied delicious bentos, adorable little desserts, and frozen treats for the hot summer day. Overall a super fun party we were so happy to be a part of.

We do so much more than weddings and would love to be a part of your next special occasion!

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